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Product Description

Balance is a probiotic paste that contains ingredients that can help restore and promote a healthy GI tract environment.

SYE (specialized yeast extract derived from the cell wall of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisia) is a special type of sugar that offers binding sites to sugar-seeking pathogens. By using their binding capacity to link with SYE rather than the gut wall. they have incapacitated themselves. Because SYE does not provide nutrition, the pathogens are unable to grow and colonize. Several studies have been conducted examining the effects of yeast extracts and their derivatives on the pathogens in the GI tract. Components of bacterial surfaces called Lectins are involved in the onset of enteric and urinary disease by allowing bacteria to adhere to epithelial cells in these sites. Lecitins specific for SYE predominate in intestinal pathogens. SYE may also help bind toxins in the GI tract. Since SYE is not degraded by digestive enzymes, it passes through the tract with pathogen's) attached, preventing colinisation. Some beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus appear to have enzymes that are complex enough to override this system therefore not adversely affected by SYE.

In vitro studies examining E.coli already bound to epithelial cells found that the E.coli could be displaced from these epithelial cells within 30 minutes when exposed to a specialized yeast derivative. This demonstrates that SYE not only prevents the attachment of pathogens to the gut, but may also "clean up" already attached pathogens.

There have also been reports that SYE can have immune modulation effects including a positive effect on the complement system. SYE appears to play a role in the presentation of bacteria antigen to the antibody-producing cell. Immune modulation prepares the immune defenses to respond more quickly and more forcefully to invading pathogens.

SYE may also enhance the maintenance of GI tract integrity. It has been reported that the intestines of animals fed SYE had taller villi and shorter crypts. The villi are where absorption of nutrients takes place.

Direct-Fed Microbial (DFM's) BALANCE Paste contains viable host-compatible DFM's as well as potentiators that not only enhance the growth of DFM's in the products but also enhance the naturally occurring beneficial present in the GI tract.

Fungal Derived Enzymes. By including the most common fungal derived enzymes, digestion is more quickly normalized.

80 CC Tube

Rapidly restores your animals digestive Balance

Designed for immediate response to symptoms of:
- Scours
- Gut Ache
- Treatment of Diarrhea
- Exposure to moldy hay, grains or forage.


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